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Consumer Privacy Policy Notice 


In accordance with privacy laws for California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, or Virginia Accutrend Data Corporation (ADC) is providing this privacy notice as an addition/supplement to our Privacy Policy which applies to California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, or Virginia consumers.  Please note that ADC collects publicly available business information. 


Categories of information that ADC has collected, sold, and disclosed for a business purpose over the past 12 months:

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"Right To Know"

If you are a resident of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, or Virginia, consumers have the “Right to Know” about their personal data that has been collected, sold, or disclosed within the past 12 months, including the category of personal data collected, the source the information was collected from, the category of personal data sold or disclosed for business purposes, and any specific information that has been collected and retained.  If the information that we have collected about you is inaccurate, you have the right to request that it be corrected.  This is subject to verification.

Children’s Rights:

ADC collects business information that is not collected, targeted, or intended for children.  ADC doesn’t knowingly collect any information about minors or children.  If we become aware that information collected may be associated with a minor, it will be removed promptly.


“Right to Delete” Opt-Out:

If you are a California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, or Virginia consumer and feel that ADC has collected your personal consumer information, you can request that the data be deleted from our database and/or you can request to opt out of your data being sold/shared.  You also have the right to opt-out or limit how your personal information may be used for profiling, target marketing, or decision-making.

Make requests by clicking here or calling ADC at 303-488-0011.   

“Right to be free from Discrimination”

You have to exercise your rights while remaining free from discrimination.  If you choose to exercise your rights, ADC will not deny goods or services, charge different pricing, or provide a different level of quality of a good or service.



Effective: 1/1/23 

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