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Our goals are aggressive and so is our drive to innovate in the industry. From optimizing our internal infrastructure to tapping into the newest technology, we strive to be ahead of the pack in everything we do, while remaining committed to our high quality standards. We anticipate and respond to demand signals from our clients and the industry in order to provide accurate, actionable data.

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Speed, Integrity, and Accuracy

From storage and IT to marketing and leadership, all of our core functions remain in-house- providing an immense level of control and flexibility. We own our data and harvest it directly from the source, ensuring the pristine condition of the data. This allows us to provide clients with a true business profile, containing historical business data for each entity. Clients can follow the behavior of the business from its inception. We’re able to accommodate our clients and provide them exactly what they need, exactly when they need it so they can make decisions at the speed of business.


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Collaborative + Personalized

At its core, data can be very impersonal. However, Accutrend is so much more than lists and input fields. Our goal is to build powerful partnerships with clients so we can respond intuitively to their key motivators and goals. Our personalized high performance data and service provide customers the best tools for success. Our team is comprised of experienced and talented individuals with varying backgrounds, dedicated to providing clients with the most accurately targeted data in the industry.

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