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Robust + Accurate

Accutrend pulls every new contact available nationwide and around the world on a daily basis, updating any old information and omitting erroneous data. What does that mean for you and your business? Fresh, accurate information that keeps you up-to-date on current clients and connects you with new highly qualified leads.

When you work with Accutrend, you can expect the most robust, accurate and timely data in the industry.








Fields of Information

collected directly from the source


New Records

added every month

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An unparalleled number of records at your fingertips—with more added daily.

~38 million

in New Business Data

~65 million

in Corporate Business Data

~3 million

in Small Business Data

~3 million

in Liquor License Data

~3 million

in Hispanic Business Data

~28 million

in International Business Data

~28 million

in International Executive Email

~22 million

in Domestic Email Data

~60 million

in UCC